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We are paying for records!

We have some of the best archers on our Team. As competitive archers we know its hard work. We want to reward archers for the day that everything goes right because it doesn't happen everyday and when it does we want you to do it with a Zero Bowstring. You will also glad you did!

This is the start of our contingency program. 

Breaking the record by at least a point

Outdoor SA Records

CM 720  Outdoor SA Record 714 Payout R4000

CW 720 Outdoor SA Record 702  Payout R3000

RM 720 Outdoor SA Record 659 Payout R3000

Indoor SA Records 

CM Indoor SA Record 594 Payout R2500

CW Indoor SA Record 593 Payout R2500

World  Outdoor Records 

CM 720 World Record 718  Payout R15000

CW 720 World Record 713 Payout  R10000

RM 720 World Record 700 Payout R15000

World Indoor Record 

CM 600 Round 600 Payout  to Equal R10000

CW 600 Round 595 Payout  R8000

*R500  bonus for  all classes for using MyNocks on your arrows

To take part in this program please register by sending a message on this site with subject register and your name and style

You need to have a Zero Bowstring on your bow in order to register. 

Terms and Conditions Apply. Payouts will be at the discretion of Zero Bowstrings

For SA Records you have to be a South African Citizen 


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